Hello, I'm Daniel Trilling -- a London-based journalist and author. You can contact me at daniel dot trilling at gmail dot com. Pic by Mari Bastashevski.

I write about migration, nationalism and human rights in politics and culture. I am currently a regular contributor to the Guardian long read and opinion sections and write for the London Review of Books, among others. 

My latest book Lights in the Distance: Exile and Refuge at the Borders of Europe is based on five years of reporting on people who come to Europe in search of asylum. It’s published in the UK by Picador, in the US by Verso and in Italy by Marsilio -- and was shortlisted for the 2019 Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing and Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year.

I’m also the author of Bloody Nasty People: the Rise of Britain’s Far Right, which was longlisted for the 2013 Orwell Prize.

You can sign up here for short pieces of creative writing I send out every now and then.

Selected articles

'It's a place where they try to destroy you': why concentration camps are still with us. (Guardian Long Read, April 2020)

Golden Dawn: the rise and fall of Greece's neo-Nazis. (Guardian Long Read, March 2020)

An interview with photographer Don McCullin. (Apollo, February 2020)

How the media contributed to the migrant crisis. (Guardian Long Read, August 2019)

The artists filling in the blanks in our collective memory. (Apollo, July 2019)

Why Britain won't return Ethiopia's sacred treasures. (The Atlantic, July 2019)

"I'm not racist, but ..." On liberal excuses for right-wing populism. (London Review of Books, April 2019)

How political is political art? (Apollo, December 2018)

Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook. (Guardian Long Read, October 2018)

Five myths about the refugee crisis. (Guardian Long Read, June 2018)

How a champion boxer got caught in Britain’s immigration dragnet. (Guardian Long Read, May 2018)

What national museums tell us about national identities. (Apollo, February 2018)

In Yerevan: how displacement has shaped Armenia’s national story. (London Review of Books, November 2017)

The French farmer smuggling migrants in the Alps. (New Statesman, September 2017)

Should we build a wall around North Wales? Violent borders and the alternatives. (London Review of Books, July 2017)

Stuck in Sicily: the women fighting to escape sex trafficking. (London Review of Books, May 2016)

On the night bus to Idomeni. (London Review of Books, December 2015)

What to do with the people who make it across? The refugee crisis. (London Review of Books, October 2015)

From Africa to Kent: following in the footsteps of migrants. (New Statesman, December 2014)

The road to nowhere: the Syrian refugees left out in the cold by Europe. (New Statesman, January 2014)

The Italians taking their cultural heritage into collective ownership. (New Statesman, September 2013)

A warning from Athens: how austerity has fuelled the growth of the far right. (New Statesman, December 2012)

Britain’s last anti-Jewish riots. (New Statesman, May 2012)

How the Rochdale grooming case exposed British prejudice. (New Statesman, August 2012)

The blighting of Burnley: an extract from Bloody Nasty People. (New Statesman, September 2012)

Gone to the dogs: inside the BNP's election campaign. (New Statesman, April 2010)